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Monday, August 20, 2012

Lovely Tutorial: Window Valance To Boxy Scallop Lace Tank

Yes, it is true. Home decor turned fashion! I turned an elegant lace window valance into a gorgeous boxy lace scallop tank.

I found this valance while I was shopping for $2 so of course I could not resist. You knowww. The lace is absolutely stunning might I add.

I cut the valance in half; one for the front of the tank, the other for the back. Then I half folded each fabric so it would be symmetrical and eyeballed and cut the pattern of the tank underneath the armpit and the neckline. What would be easier and what I usually do but was too lazy to do since I already envisioned something in my head, is find a tank that fits the way you would like it to and cut around it. With a little cutting and sewing...

This lovely boxy lace tank only took me about a total of 2 hours to make. It would have taken less time but my original heart shaped neckline did not turn out so I revised it into a round neckline. Still so simple and pretty. :)

I paired this cute lace tank with my coral skinnys! And of course being silly makes the outfit that much better. Der.

The infamous duckface!

Bluesteel... with my puppy behind my legs!

Okay that is enough for now. Ha. A chunky necklace would look fantastic with this outfit as well but unfortunately I do not have one. Perhaps I shall make one soon... hrmmm. :)

I am super excoiitted to wear this out! :)

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