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Friday, July 26, 2013

YouTube Tutorial: Braided Statement Necklace

Statement necklaces complete any outfit perfectly in my opinion. I cannot get enough of them! I have a million shirts I don't wear anymore since my extreme closet reorganization so I thought to myself... why not just make a statement necklace out of them?! I surely do not want to spend $20+ for a necklace when I have all the materials to make one myself.

This is a simple braided statement necklace made out of a 100% lavender rayon tee I bought from Old Navy about a year ago for $1 found on a clearance rack. Who would have thunk it? :)

My YouTube video is complete! Check it outtt and be sure to subscribe to my channel! Please and thank you. :)


Thee lovely finished necklace and it only took me about half an hour to put this baby together. I made a ribbon tie so I can adjust the length of the necklace however I please.

The lavender color went beautifully with my peach chiffon sleeveless top-- the perfect touch of color and contrast.

I am no doubt an accessories fanatic. What about you? Again, go take a look at my YouTube channel for the tutorial!  :)

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Sunday, July 21, 2013

YouTube Tutorial: How To Make A Maxi Skirt

Maxis are all the rage this summer. I adore this popular trend ever so much and recently had a request for a video tutorial on how to make a maxi skirt because of my previous maxi creation a few weeks ago, so here it tisssss finallyyy!

I wore a turquoise and white pattern chiffon top with this light pink maxi skirt. The color combination is superb, if I do say so myself. ;)

I found this silk polyester fabric at Walmart for $1.50 a yard, so I bought 4 yards of it but only used a yard for the maxi skirt. I have many plans for the rest of this gorgeous fabric.

The front and back of the maxi skirt. The elastic waist gave the skirt some natural, simple pleats.

A chic summer look that cannot go wrong-- it is perfectly comfortable and pretty for a daytime get together or a night out.

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Friday, July 12, 2013

YouTube Tutorial: Tribal Inspired High Waisted Jean Shorts

Lovelies! I have been meaning to make these tribal inspired high waisted jean shorts and finally got around to doing so. This project took me about 45 minutes to draw on the pattern then trace on to the shorts with a bleach pen, and an hour to let it soak up some sun to quickly dry.

I wore a darling lace detailed beige chiffon top with these tribal inspired high waisted jean shorts.

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I hope you all have/had a wonderful day and happy weekend! :)

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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

High Waisted Denim Inpired Shorts

Like I mentioned a gazillion times before, I am in a high waisted shorts craaaaaaaaze! They are so perfect for summer days and I cannot get enough!

I made this high waisted denim inspired shorts out of a denim dress I found while thrifting. I could have made a dress, but I decided I would wear shorts more often than I would a dress, especially when I go to run errands which I do quite often.

The front and the back are the same, so I did not bother to take a photo of the back.

So simple and cute! I will be wearing these regularly because they are so light and soft to wear. I wore a leopard print sleeveless top to give the outfit a nice pop of pattern.

I hope to get a YouTube tutorial up soon on how to make high waisted shorts. I have made three pairs (mustard shorts and mint shorts) so far including these. I think I am confident enough now to show you all how to make them! :)

ALSO! Don't forget to visit my new YouTube channel for tutorials and subscribe! Thank youuu, loves!

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Sunday, July 7, 2013

New YouTube Channel & Hair Tutorial!

I received many emails and messages for quite some time now about how I curl my hair. Well, since I had the weekend off I got the opportunity to make another video! Two videos in a row, I do not think that will ever happen again until I get another weekend off. Hahaha. I hope you find this video very helpful. :)

YouTube Tutorial: How To Get Retro Waves 

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Lovely Tutorial: Fabric Flower Crown Headpiece... AND My New YouTube Channel!

So I finally got the courage to start a YouTube channel for my tutorials/DIYs! I have been contemplating this decision for months and months now, so I went ahead and just did it on a whim! To be honest, I hate the sound of my own voice and I feel so awkward recording myself. Haha. It was very weird editing the video and hearing my own voice over and over again, but eventually I got used to it after it took literally all day to get the video together. I am very glad I got over my fear because from messing around with iMovie I think I finally got the jist of how to edit and make videos in which I certainly still have much room for improvement. I am ecstatic, nonetheless, to share with you all my first video, ever!

I made a fabric flower headpiece out of fabric scraps from my other sewing projects. I have been admiring flower crowns since they came into style this past spring and current summer. I adore the femininity of them in every which way. The new trend brings out my "inner hippie" so I say. Haha. :)

This project took me about an hour to complete, so it is very much worth it and it is cheap compared to purchasing one.

So girly and so very me. :)

The video is by far from perfect, but I think it is pretty great being my first video I made on iMovie and not knowing what the heck I was doing. Ahahaha! I hope you enjoy and find it helpful.

Be sure to subscribe to my new YouTube channel if you are interested in my tutorials! I hope to make a new video at least once a week! :)

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Monday, July 1, 2013

Mint High Waisted Shorts

High waisted shorts are a staple in my wardrobe. I honestly have over 15 pairs and I am still making more! I love how casual they can be but at the same time you can easily dress them up depending on the type of top and accessories you choose to wear. If you have followed my blog for awhile now, you understand completely how I am obsessed with simple pieces.

I made these mint high waisted shorts out of a silk polyester blend pillow case I found for $1 shopping awhile back. I do not have a tutorial for these shorts specifically, but they are similar to the mustard high waisted shorts I made a couple months ago. Hopefully soon I can get a helpful tutorial up, right now I shall share you my results of this lovely mint shorts.

The color of these shorts are absolutely incredible. Here are a few photos of the front and back.

I added a few pleats in them to add some shape. Photos do not serve these shorts justice when they are on the hanger.

I wore a sleeveless button down ivory chiffon top with this gorgeous pair of shorts. Very effortless yet chic.


High waisted shorts are perfect to go run errands in without feeling uncomfortable or exposed. I can guarantee you I will have another high waisted shorts post. They are just too darn cute for summer! :)
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