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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Darling Alteration: Polka Dot Collared Button Up Top

Polka dots will never everrr go out of style because the pattern is too adorable and playful. You can say I'm a little bit obsessed. :)

I turned this oversized short sleeve collared polka dot top I found for $2 into a simple sleeveless top.

So so easy, trust me. :) Start by folding the top symmetrically then cut the sleeves and bottom of the top.

You can leave the top the way it is or hem it. I decided to hem the top since I'm OCD about it fraying. Those who don't have a sewing machine can simply use Fray Check to avoid fraying.

If you decide to hem the edges simply fold the edge in once or twice and then sew. Afterwards iron the wrinkles out of it.

Simple as that you have a super cute top! :)

Alterations are really fun and easy. With a little cutting and sewing here and there you get a completely different top.

I wore my floral statement necklace which you can find my DIY here, coral wedges from my haul which you can find here, light destroyed jeans, and cream bandeau.

Cute, comfy, and a little dressy-- just the way I like it.

Well, lovelies, I have to start cleaning the apartment then go shopping for some groceries. I think perhaps I shall be making some cupcakes tonight because I need to practice my baking skillsss. Fun shtuff, yes! Haha. :)

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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Food, Life & Thoughts

Just some photos of the day. :)

I make the meanest salmon and potatoes, evar! It's a regular meal I make weekly.

My scrumptious 5 minute cheesecake. No joke. It was delishhhhh and I shall make a recipe soon to show how I made it so stay tuned! :)

My beebs waking up from a nap. Dawww. My puppy is like a child to me, I have a tonnn of photos of her and love taking photos of her whenever I get the chance. Haha. She makes any bad day brighter.

She was sleeping underneath my laptop. I don't know how she finds that position comfortable in any way. Haha.

Another super incredible sunset. It's breathtaking every time.

Shopping is theeee way of happiness! Us gals can't deny this. Paha! :P

I really love this. This is exactly how I like to live my life everyday. :)

That beee allll for now. ♥

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Friday, October 19, 2012

My Buttonnns!

I am sooo super excited to announce that I FINALLY got a blog button up after about 3 hours of researching online on how to make one. Hahaa! So excited that I made two! I am so proud of myself. Eek! :)

Classy Peach

Classy Peach

Update: October 20th, 2012

I think in the next couple of days I shall do a quick tutorial on how to make a blog button for those who had or have difficulty trying to make one. Be sure to be on the lookout if you are interested. :)
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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Spectacular Awards :)

I have been nominated for a couple lovely awards recently and I have finally gotten the chance to share them with you, dahhlingsss. :)

One Lovely Blog Award from Marcela on Fashionadictas by Marcela and another award from her that I had no such luck translating. Haha. It's wonderful nonetheless. :P

The Liebster Award from Perla on Perla Makeup, Samantha on Rambles&Jangles and Jo Lane on Loving Life In The Fab Lane.

The Laine Blogger Award from Perla on Perla Makeup.

I want to give a millionnn incredible thanks to these lovely ladies for nominating me and making me feel super duper special. Please check out their amazing blogs that I have linked above. Being so new to the blogging world this was exactly what I needed to make blogging that much more fun-- I would have never thought my blog would be this interesting and I want to thank ALL of my phenomenal followers! I cannot thank you enough for your lovely support and kind words. You all are honestly my motivation to make and share pretty things! Yes yes!

ANDDD before I gooo... I have decided that when I reach 300 followers which is a little ways away I know, I will do a giveaway of one of my DIYs. What do you ladies think about that, hmmm? :)

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Monday, October 15, 2012

Marvelous Accessories DIY: Gold Spiral Cuff Bracelet

A girl can never ever have too many accessories. True story. I made this gold spiral cuff bracelet out of decorative trim. Yep yep. :)

Here are the easy steps to make this simple and pretty cuff bracelet.

Your supplies: trim, wire, and pliers. I bought this trim awhile back on sale at Hobby Lobby for $0.99 because I thought it was crazy cheap and pretty. I've been debating on what I want to do with it so I'm happy I finally found an adorable use for it.

1. Wrap a piece of wire around your arm the amount of times you want the spiral.

2. Cut the wire and start weaving into the trim like so.

3. Bend in the ends on both sides and secure with the wire.

4. Loosely spiral your cuff bracelet so you can fit it over your hand.

Put on your new cuff bracelet and adjust it accordingly to fit your wrist. The wire helps keep the bracelet in place and look the way you want it to without falling apart. You can't even see the wire underneath the trim either. This project honestly only took 15 minutes and it turned out super cute. :)

The many ways to wear this gold spiral cuff bracelet.

Since the wire is bendable you can spiral the bracelet as many times as you want, make the cuffs close together or far apart, make it tighter or looser, etc. according to your preference.

Give it a go, loves! :)

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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Marvelous Accessories DIY: Wire Love Bracelet

I think I'm completely addicted with wire accessories, for serious. It's easy to make and so sooo cute! I found this wire bracelet while Pinteresting and I knew I had to make it. Convieniently, I already bought bronze wire from my previous wire rings accessories DIY so this bracelet was just meant to be made. Haha.

Tools that you will need include wire which I bought at Hobby Lobby for $3 and pliers.

Cut a piece off and make sure you have enough to bend into a word you like, I chose the word "love" like the bracelet I found on Pinterest.

I started bending the wire with my hands, believe me I am a weakling, but this wire was super easy to bend with my hands. Use your imagination and bend it into any word your little heart desires.

And this is how I hooked the back of the bracelet. Use your pliers to bend the hooks.

Simple as that! :)

I will be making plenty more of these to stack on my arms like thin bracelets. Very easy to make, took me less than an hour, and it only cost $3 for the bronze wire which I have a lot left over to make more. Yaaay! :)
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Monday, October 8, 2012

Darling Alteration: Simple Ivory Blouse

As you can tell, I'm addicted to alterations. I find it so easy to alter clothes and change it into a different look without having to spend so much time on it or create it from scratch. Don't get me wrong, I love making clothes but I adore alterations for its simplicity and it takes up little to no time at all. :)

I took an oversized ivory blouse in a ladies size 16 and made it my own.

Before and after my alteration.

I made the top into almost a high low effect as you can say. I'm obsessed with high low. Eeeeekkk! :) I honestly cannot get enough. It's so feminine and such a fun look.

This is how I did this simple alteration and it only took me 20 minutes to complete. First, lay the blouse flat on the ground.

Start the cut high in the front of the blouse and then slowly dip down as you get to the back of the blouse.

Finally hem the edges.

The blouse is 100% polyester, so I didn't really have to hem the edges (although I did) because the fabric did not fray at all when I made the cut. So for those who don't have a sewing machine, have no fear you can still do this alteration without hemming.

I paired this blouse with my white lace shorts, beaded gold chandelier earrings, and multi-colored chevron flats. I was going to wear a belt on my waist, but I really liked the loose fit of this blouse so I went without it. The arms of the blouse was a little too large so I cuffed the sleeves to make it stay up. Haaha! :P

It turned out super simple, comfy and cute. :)

Blouses are theee best. They're so versatile, pretty and comfy! It gives a "I'm not trying too hard but I still look wonderful" vibe. Haha.

When it comes to clothes I don't necessarily always purchase my size, especially if they are crazy cheap. I got this blouse for $2 and I knew I could alter it. If you look in my closet there are tops that range from a size x-small to a 3x. As long as it looks fabulous that's all that matters, ladies.

By the way I finally got the time to trim my own hair this morning so it's feeling pretty good and not so damaged anymore. Hooraayyy for healthy hair! Paha! I hope all you sweets have a fabulous day! :)

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