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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Lovely Tutorial: Pillow Case to Retro Off the Shoulder Top

I love the retro vibe from this king size pillow case I found so I decided to make a casual top out of it. Simple as that. :)

The pillow case itself.

Take the pillow case and cut it in half (in the previous photo it's folded in half) and then fold the half into another half. Afterwards, cut out the arms and neckline making sure you get both layers. For the sleeves cut two squares containing two layers of fabric and sew one piece to the front and one to back of the arm area (I should have taken a photo but I will next time I make sleeves). Then, sew the opening of the top and bottom of the sleeves together. Start hemming up the sleeves, bottom of the top, and neckline by folding in the edges not once but twice to cover and stop the fray. Once that's done you're good to go!

The wonderful thing about this retro top is the fact it's reversible. One side is plain and the other side is a little bit dressier because of the button down look.

I threw on destroyed white shorts and a cognac braided belt to complete this casual retro off the shoulder top. A very fun everyday look that is comfortable and super cute. I have a crazy pet peeve of having my bra straps show, but in this case I don't mind since it's an off the shoulder top and it's suppose to look effortless. It looks like a tank top strap anyway. I tucked in my bra strap in a couple photos to show you another way you can wear the top. Either way looks fantastic.

Today was a lazy day for me which explains my messy top bun. You'll have to excuse me for that. :)

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  1. Great DIY! The shirt came out super cute!


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