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Monday, December 10, 2012

Some Darling New Accessories

I had to treat myself to some pretty accessories because they were so cheap! Yes, I could not contain myself when I went Christmas shopping. These are the new beauties I recently purchased that are total bargains compared to the real thing. My total plus tax: $20.60.  Let's get started shall we? :)

First off, I am completely in love with this J. Crew bubble necklace since I saw it on almost every fashion blogger. When I went to Burlington Coat Factory I found this adorable bubble necklace that looks exactly like the one from J. Crew but only about $140 cheaper. Whoooop!

From: Burlington Coat Factory  Brand: Drema  Price: $9.99

Compare this bubble necklace to J. Crew.

Brand: J. Crew  Price: $150

They look so similar, right?! I love this necklace from J. Crew, but not so much that I would pay $150 for it. Since the chain is 18K gold that explains the price, however I prefer my look-a-like necklace for the fraction of the price.

Next are my adorable new earrings I purchased.

From: Burlington Coat Factory  Brand: Orion  Price: $3.99

These crystal big teardrop earrings are similar to the pink crystal big teardrop earrings from Swarovski.

Brand: Swarovski  Price: $38

 I love the pink and gold color combination on the Swarovski earrings and maybe when I feel I want to spend a little more I'll purchase these beauties. 

Finally, my last pair of earrings I purchased.

From: Burlington Coat Factory  Brand: Carol For Eva Graham  Price: $4.99

I adore the designs and the colors on these studs. I've always been addicted to chandelier earrings, but now I'm loving big stud earrings as well. They truly compliment any outfit. You all will definitely see me wearing these in my next couple of posts so be sure to be on the look out. :)

As you can see, Burlington Coat Factory has super adorable accessories for CHEAP. You cannot beat these prices anywhere in my opinion and they always have such a wide selection in stores. 

Where are your favorite places to shop for accessories, ladies?
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Monday, December 3, 2012

New Hairss: Re-Ombre

Soooo, I was tired of my hair yet again and I refuuuse to cut the length or color it completely-- my solution? Renew my ombre of course! My first ombre experience and tutorial can be found here. Garnier Nutrisse worked so well for my hair the first time so I trusted the brand enough to try it again. This time instead of a brown color I went blonde. Yikes! Scaryyy thought, huh?! Luckily for me it turned out amazingly. All of these photos are taken with my iPhone 4s and it has not been filtered AT ALL. I wanted to show the true color. Thee lovely results. :)

My first ombre below.

I purchased Garnier Nutrisse in 111 Extra-Light Ash Blonde. About $7 at Walmart.

At first I was a bit skeptical but I said 'Ehh, why not. I need a change!' I did my research and there was a risk of my hair turning orange or brassy, but I was lucky it didn't. Since this permanent hair dye is not as harsh as bleach I knew the color would not turn out as platinum blonde as the cover shows but I did run the risk of it turning a bit orange and brassy. I took the risk anyhow. Haha. Depending on your hair color, a box of dye will only lift up to 3 shades lighter AT MOST. It doesn't mean that it will, some people with naturally dark hair don't even see a difference.

Since my hair was ombre'd to a brown before, I wanted to go a couple shades lighter to have a more noticeable ombre. Please note, my hair is not the typical jet black thick Asian hair-- it's actually thin and has shades of red and brown in it already before I ombre'd my hair. I think those are huge aspects as to how my hair can take in lighter color without having to bleach my hair first.

If you want the process on how to ombre your hair the way I did please visit my previous ombre tutorial here. I used the same process this time as well, the only difference was the color.

Like I mentioned before, I did this on my own at my own risk so please if you attempt to do this yourself know that it may not turn out the way you expect it to be. I've been doing my own hair for about 8 years now so I'm comfortable enough to do my hair at my own risk. If you are not comfortable doing your own hair go to a professional salon! Please keep that in mind. :)

The comparison photo of my before ombre (my first ombre) and after ombre. Quite the difference. My first ombre was more reddish brown and my renewed ombre is more golden light brown.

So, these are my wonderful results! The lighting is different in some of these photos which makes my ombre look different because of the angle I took the photos but they are NOT filtered or edited. It's the raw stuff here, I promise. :)

I never had the urge to dye my hair until the ombre trend became popular and now I'm obsessed. I loooove how I can retain my natural hair color and dye only the bottom half. Super fun and I feel like a brand new girl without having to cut my hairss! Whoooop! :)

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Marvelous Accessories DIY: Big Bow Rings

Bows are adorable on pretty much anything. Another way to say 'I'm a girly girl and I love it.' I made these big bow rings out of fabric scraps from my alterations and designs. There is always a reason why I hoard things. Haha. :)

Supplies: Wire, pliers, fabric, needle and thread

To create the bow, fold the fabric and sew:

Make a ring out of the wire and attach it underneath the bow.

I made three of these cuties!

Like statement necklaces I think every girl should own a big bow ring. Makes a statement for any kind of outfit and of course if you make them yourself you can save about $10 a piece. Very crafty and easy that you'll surprise yourself when you try. ;)

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Simple Gold Trim Cream Tank

Tanks are so versatile and pretty therefore I had to make this cutie. I sewed this cream tank without the gold trim at first, but I felt it was missing some pizazz so the gold trim was added after I completed the tank. Ohhh yes, just perfect and still very simple and chic. :)

I made this tank out of a tablecloth, but of course you can purchase a tank top from anywhere and add any kind of trim. I used the left over gold trim from my DIY: Gold Spiral Cuff Bracelet.

The front, back and side views.

I wore this super cute tank with dark skinnys, red pumps and chandelier earrings. :)

I can see myself wearing this as an everyday look. Very simple and sweet.

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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Pretty In Peach & Lace

Lace adds a touch of elegance to just about anything-- hence why I'm so obsessed. This top looked really simple, but it was a bit of a challenge to execute. I have been brainstorming a top like this for quite some time now. Thankfullyyyy, I realized to use my mannequin that I've had for almost a year which made making this top SOOO much easier. Unfortunately, since this peach lace top was a bit of a challenge I wasn't able to make a tutorial out of it, but I shall when I feel I'm capable to do so in my next designs.

In the meantime I want to show you lovelies my new top I made. I am so proud of myself and this is definitely one of my favorite tops I've made thus far.

My inspiration I found on Pinterest, of course. :)

I used some peach fabric from a pillow case and some lace from a window valance. As you can tell recycling materials is my favey!

My mannequin was truly a life saver because I was able to pin everything into place before sewing-- really what you're suppose to do, but I never really did. Haha. To each their own but honestly, I see why mannequins are so important when designing because it helps out with measurements which is something I have yet to master the skills.

Thee finished peach lace top! Front, back, and side views.

I spent about 3 days making this top and learning new things about sewing clothes along the way. Hopefully sometime soon I will understand more to be able to guide you through a tutorial.

I loooove how it turned out in the end-- surprisingly just what I envisioned. I paired this lovely peach lace top with light denim jeans from Forever 21 and taupe t-strap heels from JCPenney.

Very prim and proper, yes? :)

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