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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Darling Alteration: White High Low Tank Dress

When I came across this adorable high low tank dress on Pinterest I knew I had to make it. Some way, somehow. And I did!

Similar, huh?

I am not certain where you find this actual dress, unfortunately. I tried to research into it without any luck whatsoever.

So anyway, as I was browsing around at Goodwill I found this less than attractive dress in a size 8 for $3.99. You cannot beat the price since fabrics can be expensive and it struck me immediately that I could easily alter it to look like the high low tank dress above. I was so excited. This is what I started out with--

First, I laid the dress evenly flat on the ground with the front facing up and laid a loose fitting tank on top so I could cut out the tank shape for the dress. For the high low effect I laid the dress down flat on the ground to where the front of the dress is to my right and the back is to my left-- making sure it is centered correctly on both sides of the front and back. I started to cut both layers of the front, cutting in a straight line to where I wanted the length of the front of the dress to be at which gave me the 'high' look. Slowly I started curving downwards as I cut diagonally towards the back and cutting less fabric which gave me the 'low' look. Kind of like cutting a curvy 'half hill' which is the best way I can describe it. Cut only a little at a time, try on the dress and slowly cut more and more until it fits well. The edges will be rough, but that is where the sewing will come into effect.

This alteration was very simple and easy although my explanation may not be. I should have taken a picture to illustrate the cut, but I shall take a picture next time with the high low skirt I am making.

Begin sewing by folding in the edges twice and sew about a centimeter in for the hem of the neckline, the arms and bottom of the dress. Anddd taaa-daaa! Thee finished dress.

Who would have guessed. ;) The high low tank dress is meant to be loose fitting because when you throw on a cute belt it will give you a lovely hourglass figure and a beautiful flow. I accessorized with bronze leafy earrings and would have thrown on a chunky necklace if I had one. I am completely in love with this dress because it screams simple elegance.

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  1. Wow!! now I want to make one too!! :) Love this look!

  2. Sooooo thanks to Courtney I totally just stalked this, what about like a simple but, cute wedding dress think you could make one? o.O? I'd totally give you cred.

  3. Daphne, I do think something public like a blog can be stalked. Haha. I am still in the process of learning how to sew and I am definitely learning as I go. The pictures are not of the best quality so you can't really see the flaws and imperfections. Once I get better I might consider making one of a kind things for people to purchase. For now though it's an amazing hobby I absolutely adore. Thanks for 'stalking' my page. Come back now, ya hear! :)

  4. I love the original....and your version is quite similar !!!!! thanks for giving tips!!!

    XOXO Elle

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  6. That dress is $176 from Jen's Pirate Booty

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