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Monday, July 7, 2014

Refashion: Patterned Swing Shorts

Hi, loves! I finished this last project let's saaay... 3 months ago and I finally got the chance to write a post! I have been side tracked with so many other projects that I forgot about this one. Well, here it 'tisss! This was orginally a top I had for years and never wore so I decided to refashion this baby into a cute pair of swing shorts for the summer! The material is polyester, very flowy and fun also not to mention super comfortable!

The original top looked like this top, only patterned.

I love the colors of this pattern.

I wore an ivory scalloped trim blouse with this beautiful patterned shorts. As you all know by now my obsession for shorts is undeniable.

I hope you all are having a beautiful summer! Keep it bright and fashionable, gals! :)
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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Refashion: Purple Polka Dot Maxi

I found this maxi dress while thrifting and had it laying around my bedroom for over a year because I could not decide what I wanted to do with it at the time. I was torn between keeping it as a maxi dress or turning it into a swing dress... but the maxi finally won! It just took me over a year to decide. Haha! They are so effortlessly feminine and incredibly comfortable therefore my choice is validated. :)


Before the alteration:

There were too many pleats so...

I sewed them all together except for two on the left and right side.

V-neck, plunge back, and spaghetti straps.


The refashioned maxi dress:


Purple polka dot maxi dress with a white floral crown I made awhile ago. Hippie love. :)


Polka dot maxi dress + flower crown = perfection. :)

What are your summer favorites? <3
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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Little Ivory Ruffled Dress

Hello! I am ecstatic to share with you all one of my recent creations I have been working on for the last month. Yes, it has taken me more time than usual to finish it, but I am in love with this little dress!

This dress has been upcycled from a thrifted oversized skirt I found for $1 because you know good and well I am frugal, lololol! The skirt has been sitting in my closet for awhile and I finally found the inspiration to transform this old item into a darling little ivory ruffled dress. We all know the LBD is a staple in a girl's wardrobe along with the second best essential a LWD, so in a way this is my version of a LWD. :)

The maxi skirt I started out with was definitely not my size, but I knew it could be altered when I laid eyes on it.

I laid one of my older dresses I altered on top of the skirt just to get the pattern I needed for this new dress since the old dress had the ideal length for me. The skirt was cut for a closed chest and backless look. Ooo la laaa! I turned the dress inside out to sew the lining together and then turned it right side out for a clean stitch-less look.


The dress was too plain by itself and a little bit see through even with the lining so I wanted to add some ruffles to both sides of the dress. The pattern I used for the ruffles was basically a 'C' shape which I cut out three pieces for each side for a total of 6 pieces. The fabric was from another top I made long ago and the color happened to match the skirt-turned-dress I was working with. The edges were raw but I used Fray Check to prevent the ruffles from fraying even more.


I will admit the ruffles were super difficult and took me FOREVER!!! Hahaha. I pinned and repinned over and over until the ruffles looked just right. I had to hand sew it on and I messed up plenty of times setting it aside for awhile because I was frustrated, which explains why it took me about a month to work on this dress. This was the first time I attempted ruffles and I must say I am pretty pleased with my results despite all the troubles.

I made x-back straps for the dress to add more to the backless look. The dress did not fit over my mannequin so I had to pin it on just to show you all.

The perfect summer time dress! The ruffles add a dazzling, girly touch to a simple dress. I wore my white pumps and pearl earrings to complete the look.

This dress is everything and more. The perfect simplicity with a hint of pure feminism. Bring on some more oversized skirts, please. :)

How do you ladies feel about ruffles? I adore them, but you know that is a biased opinion after making this dress. ;)
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