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Monday, June 17, 2013

How To: Extreme Closet Reorganization!

A messy closet stresses me out, to the max! Haha. It stresses me out so bad that I had to just stay away from cleaning out my closet for awhile because I had so many other things I had to deal with before I took on this beast of a challenge. I'm not going to lie, I am a clean freak-- the freak of all clean freaks. For serious. I get so extremely stressed and anxious when things are not clean or in order.

One of the main reasons I wanted to organize my closet is that I felt like I NEVER had anything to wear. I get so frustrated because I have an endless amount of clothes in my closet. Ladies, we all know this feeling all too well! Since I was so tired of the clutter and frustration I decided to finally do something about it. I finally had some free time to tackle this mess of a closet of mine! I have officially banned myself from clothing shopping until further notice. Ohhh the problems of a bargainoholic. Hahaha! You will soon see why.

I shall show you some before photos. Don't judge me, please. Haha.

As you can see, my side of the closet had absolutely no more space to hang clothes that I began throwing items on the floor, with bags full of clothes too. So not like me but I had no choice! Mind you that underneath my first hangbar I have a shelf which was FULL of folded clothes as well, you just can't see it very well. Then underneath my bottom hangbar that was the case as well. Ai yi yi, I knowww! I feel my adrenaline spiking just thinking about it already.

First, I decided to just throw all of the folded items and items on the floor onto my bed. This was the only way I knew how to start and that way I can pick through what I wear regularly to what I rarely ever wear. With the clothes that are hung up I left them where they were and just went through each item to decide. My poor baby CoCo was stressing with me too. Bahaha! As you can see hangers and clothes are everywhereeee!

I neatly folded and bagged up the clothes I rarely ever wear. I couldn't get myself to throw away anything really, I'm such a hoarder and with my ability to alter clothing I say to myself that I may get to altering them sometime. I don't know when that time will be, that's my problem! Haha. I only threw away three tops that were really old and ugly, but everything else I organized them into bags and labeled them so whenever the season changes-- or my style changes I can go back and take them out.

I threw away a ton of hangers too, the clear plastic ones that I would get for free from random shops. I had no need for them and I wondered why I even kept them in the first place (it just took up space), but anyway haha, I have plenty of white and wooden hangers I have purchased to hang my clothes that I regularly wear.

After about four long hours I finally finished! Phew! And the after photos:

As you can see I finally have some extra space to hang more clothes in my closet! Woot! You can finally see my shelf and floor that was lost in the before photos. Hahahaha.

These are the 6 simple essential steps on how I managed to organize my closet:

1. BREATHE. Breathe in, breathe out. I'm not even kidding, it helps. Haha.
2. Remove: If your closet is a mess like mine, take most of the folded clothes out of your closet.
3. Decide Regular Vs. Rarely: I sifted through every single clothing item.
4. Organize: Bag up and label your clothes you rarely wear.
5. Purge: Throw away unnecessary items that you don't need in your closet or donate them!
6. Reward: Treat yourself to a job well done! Seriously it's excruciating organizing a cluttered closet!

Now I can happily walk into my closet and see that I have an array of clothes to wear! I smile at myself every single time. Haha! I limited my closet to the clothes I only regularly wear and it has helped me tremendously. I get ready in half the time I did before because before it was too cluttered for me to find anything. Simple is really amazingly better!

I was very proud of myself and SO extremely relieved! I will definitely maintain my closet after all the hard work and time I spent organizing it. Hopefully one day I will finally get the courage to purge all of the clothes I never wear, but that's another case on it's own. Bahaha. For now I am content with my simple, organized and lovely closet! Yaaay. :)

12 wonderful thoughts:

  1. Very nice! I know how good it can feel to have a nice clean closet you can actually walk in. Lol.

    Lynn | Makeup With Tea

  2. you have lots of things in there! but i guess every girl does lol i do to :)

  3. Great tips. I like this post.


  4. I know what you mean, I just have to organize my wardrobe but it's so annoying to do! love your blog:)


  5. My closet is an absolute mess. eventually I'll get the guts to dive in and clean it up :P

  6. Your cupboard looks so pretty and organized now! You'll probably have more motivation to keep it that way now (unless you go into bargain shopping mode again :P). I just did this to my closet too and it's so amazing to be able to actually find the clothes I want! Such a releif.

  7. Wow very organized! :) Just cleaned out my room, what a job haha!!
    Penny Rose

  8. I just reorganized my closet and my boyfriend's. It feel so good to be organized and neat again! Great post!

    xoxo Sarah Beth
    Caring Cowls

  9. hi...nice blog ...would you like to follow each other?
    let me know..

  10. Might have to try this when I pack for uni in September! Your blog is so cute :) followed you on bloglovin!

  11. I must do this too! Too much clothes and items with too little space haha
    ♥ Stacey


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