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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Some Sweet Moments & Inspirations...

I have so much going on right now that at least in the midst of it all I'm able to capture some of those moments through my iPhone. I've been trying to increase my posts on tutorials so I hope you all like them as I go-- I'm so sorry for not being able to post more often but bear with me because wonderful things are in store! :)

For right now I just want to take some time and share some of the sweet moments I've captured and what has inspired me.

My new accessories wall inspired by Pinterest of course! This DIY was super easy, only took about 5 minutes to put up after you find a beautiful frame while thrifting: hang it up and add some hooks to hang your necklaces! Voila!


My baby, CoCo. The sweetest little pup, ever! I love her big brown eyes.

Dead tired after a nice long walk on a gorgeous day.

The head tilt that let's her get away with anything and everything. Even murder. Haha.

Such a little trouble maker. Threw my shoes all over the place because I didn't take her on her walk before I went to workout, so this is what I came home to.

Next up are some pretty fashion inspirations I ran across. I'm in love with maxis, especially this ombre one because although I'm not a huge fan of ombre clothing somehow I find this pastel orange to white chiffon maxi to be beyond gorgeous. I'm tempted to make one! ;)

A simple white top with high waisted shorts are the go-to outfit for summer. Cute, simple, and so chic.

I've been awfully spoiled with some time to sun bathe in this beautiful summer weather. And believe me, I took full advantage of it since the Louisiana weather has been so bipolar lately. This girl needed some color to her pasty skin.

One of my most favorite dress which has a lovely vintage feel to it that I altered. You can find more about the dress here.

Some amazing quotes and a darling little happy goat. Haha. Sometimes you need to read some inspiring quotes to keep you motivated in life, to appreciate everything and to take nothing for granted.

And finally, my tutorial/design post which should be up in the next couple of days so keep a look out! Yaya! I love pleats. :)

8 wonderful thoughts:

  1. Great pics!!! I love the framed accessories idea...You make me want to organize my stuff now! Now following you.


  2. I love your blog!!! I am giving away NYX mega shine lipgloss on my blog if you want to check it out!? :)

  3. Nice pictures <3


  4. That is a really simple and easy DIY idea, and it looks great! I also love that little orange ensemble of yours.


  5. You are so talented!!! Thank you so much for commenting on my blog; I'm so glad you did and that I found your blog! I'm your latest follower. :) Look forward to more posts!!! You're so pretty and have great style! Also your pup is SO cute!!!!


  6. Omgosh, those jewelry frames are the cutest! I've been looking for a new way to display my jewelry and I might have found the winner!

    xx Elizabeth
    Champaign Taste

  7. Nice photos! I wish it was summer here, that summer sun looks divine...

    Love your blog, new follower here.

    A Day In The Life Of Mel:

  8. I love your dog!! I had one that looked just like it!! Her name was Mitzy and she was the sweetest dog ever!! I've been laying by the pool a lot lately too.. The weather has been so crazy that you gotta lay when you get the chance!! lol Great post!!

    XOXO ♥ Kia


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