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Friday, October 4, 2013

Simple Bow Back Sweater

I'm sure all of us ladies have a bunch of plain sweaters laying around for the fall and winter. I wanted to spruce up one of my simple sweaters I've had for years to give it a new look. A surprise bow back! I adore bows, as you can tell I've had several different bow tutorials (here, here, and here) , but I think this bow tutorial is the easiest. Very little sewing and I only used scrap fabric pieces!

I used this adorable black and white polka scrap fabric from a polka dot top I altered awhile back.

It's really hard to take a back photo by yourself, so excuse my awkward photos. Hahaha. :)

The sweater was simple just like the front.

Then I sewed two small polka dot bows to the back. The top bow is bigger than the bottom bow just for a tiered effect.

Here's the YouTube tutorial!

Simple looks are always the best in my opinion, and with a little bow surprise in the back makes the look of the sweater renewed.

This project was so simple, only took me about an hour at most to complete since there is no sewing machine required! Just needle and thread and you are good to go. Simple, quick, and a wonderful way to renew an old sweater or top. :)

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  1. I really like this tutorial because I love bows and polka dots.

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  2. Such a cute diy! I'll have to give it a go! x

  3. so adorbs! <3
    thank's for another awesome tutorial :)


  4. So simple but adorable! If i pick up a jumper from a charity shop I may give this a go :)

  5. aw such a cute and simple detail :) really like your style personality

  6. Cute :)

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  7. It's really an adorable detail!
    Thanks for your lovely comment, now following you dear.


  8. What an adorable addition to a plain sweater! Great idea!

  9. I love this post, your blog is sweet!

  10. This sweater is super cute! I have to try this!

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  11. That is too cute, I love how you made that simple sweater into your own style. Check out fashion blog

  12. Wow! Great and really simply way to make casual sweater looks adorable! Love it! And..I can't wait for other creative ideas like that! xo

  13. Thats so awesome and pretty! I would have never have thought of doing that to my plain white tee's to jazz it up! Thanks for the DIY post ^_^


  14. Oh so cute! I love the video as well, it really helps. Your DIY's are always great!

    Emma x

  15. this is so adorable! Soooo freaking cute! I'm going to have to try this! :)

  16. Oh wow, love this sweater. Going to give this a try over the weekend.

    Mel's Corner

  17. Such a cute sweater for winter, i think i should customized it like my Nike Golf 319966

  18. Super cute!!!! Such an easy DIY to spice up an old sweater :)


    I would love it if you could drop by my blog and give me some tips for DIYs :)


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